Bodegas Monterebro

Welcome to the World of Monterebro®

Monterebro is engaged in integrated viticulture and in the production, sale, distribution; and export of premium Spanish wine. The Monterebro cult wines are produced using top quality grapes picked from old, unirrigated vineyards located at altitude in Jumilla (Spain).

"Choose Monterebro if you wish to experience the true pleasure of Jumilla’s unique terroir."

Burrows Investment Group has purchased several small vineyards throughout Jumilla since 2009. This provides Monterebro with complete control over the entire winemaking process - from vine to bottle. The grapes cultivated in these vineyards are used exclusively for the production of the Monterebro wines. Monterebro, therefore, is one of the most authentic viticultural and oenological projects ever to emerge from Jumilla